Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is it Enough?

Is it enough to know we were there together? Is it enough to know that we shared the same space.....and breathed the same air? Is it enough to know that the Sun that day shined on both of us.....and warmed our skin?

Your voice and mine. Your hand and mine.

Maybe it would be better to be someone else..... or something else?
Could I be the golden glow of your hair?
Could I be the blue in your eyes?
Could I be the red in your lips?

Yes, that's what I want.


Sam Juliano said...

A compelling and beautifully composed query here Jon! You offer some clues to it's origin though this may have been a stream of consciousness upon posting. As always you do have me thinking!

Jon said...

Thanks Sam......yes these are expressions of which the origin will remain a mystery. ;)