Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The fleeting moments of life’s affirmations can occur so seldom that sometimes you forget they exist at all. They come at moments unexpected. It might be a word, a gesture, a look, a touch. And although often small, they can be as bright shining as the Sun. In that moment, your life can flash before you like a film playing in your own personal cinema. But you are watching from the seats. You see yourself in your own film....the directions you’ve gone in….and the choices you’ve made. You see yourself up there on screen and you think to yourself…."Is that me? Did these things really happen?" And in the moment of affirmation you are given the courage to say yes; that is me. I am me. These moments occur rarely, but they are needed in order to keep going….even if just for another day. They cannot be planned, earned, or bought. They are given as gifts. Enjoy them….whenever they may reach you.


Sam Juliano said...

Aye Jon, aye. Such a realization/acknowledgement is not only appreciated but necessary to move forward, and it certainly is not only sobering but puts everything in the proper perspective. Too often things are taken for granted, and and with our frenzied pace thew real joys are much too fleeting.

Beautiful post.

Jon said...

Thanks Sam for your kind thoughts and for always stopping by. Wishing you and yours all the best my friend.