Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr. Technicolor- A New Documentary about Jack Cardiff

I came across this really nice piece at the Criterion site about an interview with Craig McCall, maker of a new documentary floating around the festival circuit about the late Jack Cardiff and his brilliant cinematography. McCall's doc is called Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff. I think it's well worth the quick read and makes me ever more excited to see this documentary and watch Cardiff's work again. If you've never seen Black Narcissus (1947) or The Red Shoes (1948), these are films to put on your short list of things to see soon.


Sam Juliano said...

Jon, the Criterion interview with Jack Cardiff is superlative, and a fine supplement to the documentary. I saw it the week before last at Manhattan's Quad Cinemas, and was both impressed and riveted by the film clips from some of the cinema's most storied works. Cardiff is a fascinating artist, and comments by him and his various collaborators and colleagues made for a documentary of rare insight and nostalgic delight. I guess BLACK NARCISSUS is my absolute favorite of all his films as cinematographer. He's really the greatest color cinematographer of all-time.

Jonny said...

Sam, I remember your post and it got me excited. Then I came across the interview and it's making my mind go to all those striking images. My favorite is Black Narcissus as well. Absolutely loaded with memorable shots and I agree on the greatest color cinematographer claim. Thanks Sam!